The success story of Thembi

Redberry Farm was established in 2000 and through the years we have had many employees who had grown with the business. Mark Miller the owner of Redberry Farm uplifts his workforce and invests in them to help them better their circumstances.   

How it started

Thembi Klassen started working at Redberry Farm on 27 November 2014 (She remembered the exact date) as a weeder in the strawberry fields. Mark saw something special in her. She had a pleasant demeanour and was always smiling. He approached her to ask her about her goals and aspirations. Mark remembered she still had the hoe in her hand and tears rolling down her cheek while describing her challenging personal circumstances.  

The road to success

Mark was determined to walk a long path with her. Thembi was given a chance to learn a new skill and she was trained as the train driver for the Redberry Express. She excelled in her new position, was very proud and took ownership of the train. Thembi was excited with her promotion and the children and parents loved her. 

Learning new skills

The Red Shed Coffee and Berry Bar opened in 2016, and Thembi was reeled in and trained as a barista. Her friendly smile and people skills were noticed, and she was soon included as part of the waitering team. Thembi became one of Redberry Farms top waiters for four years.  

An inspiration to many

Today Thembi stands proudly behind the Red Shed Coffee and Berry Bar as the new Red Shed Manager – what an inspiration and rewarding process. Thembi now earns a stable salary and is a trustworthy, multi- skilled worker and an asset to Redberry Farm.  

The Millers admits this on one of the most rewarding and gratifying processes to see the staff being uplifted and empowered! Someone who started as a seasonal worker, empowered, promoted to a manager as part of the permanent staff at Redberry Farm.