redberry farm market

Terms and Conditions


The end date for stall applications is 23 February 2024 and full stall payments need to be settled by 13 March 2024.  Under no circumstances will any stalls be allowed to participate who have not applied and settled their fees by the stipulated dates.

We will notify you if your stall has been approved or declined.  An application goes through a review period, and you will be notified between the 4-8 March 2024.

Once your proof of payment for stall fees has been received, you will be sent a map to select your preferred stall location.


Applicants who cancel their stall from 13 March 2024 will forfeit all monies paid over to the market.


This is an open-air market thus each stall is required to bring their own equipment.  The stall space is a basic 3m x 3m/3m x 6m ground space for placement of a stall structure.  It is up to each tenant to build their own stall and stall holders are to provide all their own equipment.

Each stall holder is responsible for their own sales as there is no designated pay point at the Redberry Farm Market.

  • GAZEBO Bring your own.
  • TABLES One courtesy table is provided per stall. Please indicate on the application form if you will be making use of the one complementary table.
  • CHAIRS Bring your own.
  • ELECTRICITY POINT Bring your own extension lead.  Please read the Electricity Section for full information.

All your equipment must fit into the 3m x 3m/3m x 6m space provided, depending on the size of the stall space you have booked. If you exceed the size provided you will forfeit your deposit on the day.


Each stall consists strictly of a 3m x 3m space.

Each trailer stall consists strictly of a 3m x 6m space.

If additional space is required, another stall space will need to be purchased.


A layout map will be sent to the successful applicants once the full stall payment has been processed.  Please remember to send your proof of payment to All positioning is subject to the organisers’ final approval and stalls will be moved, if necessary, for the overall interests of the market layout.


Food and Beverage stalls are required to possess a Certificate of Acceptability (COA) by the Garden Route District Municipality Health & Safety Department. Ensure your license is available on-site for inspections by the municipality and that all procedures are adhered to as stipulated by regulations. This certificate is necessary for all food items at the market.

Please send a copy of your relevant licenses with your application form or your stall will not be approved. Health & safety Certificates must be sent by 1 March 2024.


It is imperative that your stall has ALWAYS at least one staff member present throughout the opening hours of the market.

Should your stall not be set up or manned on either day of the market, you will lose your deposit and we reserve the right to decline your application for future markets.

  • Temporary electricity boxes are installed in an area servicing a block of stalls thus each stall holder is required to bring their own extension lead.
  • Each stall holder is allocated one plug point on the box, unless another plug point has been purchased.

Stalls indicated on the stalls map, which is sent after your application has been approved, are automatically booked with electricity that will be charged at an additional fee of R200.00. Should you book a stall that electricity has been allocated to but do not need it, you will still be liable to pay the fee.

If you have booked electricity, ensure that your extension lead has a length of at least 20m. If you need more than one plug for electricity, please book and pay for an extra plug.


Redberry Farm cannot be held responsible for bad weather of any sort. We will not refund stall fees in the event of bad weather. We do suggest that stall holders bring protective material to cover their products in the event of bad weather. Early closure  or postponement will be at the discretion of the organizer.

  • All trailers, vehicle exhibitors and stalls must set up on the Thursday before the market; this is to test electricity and is highly beneficial for stall holders so that there are fewer problems on the day of the market. This also reduces the pressure on Friday morning when stall inspections take place.
  • Stall set up on the Thursday can take place from 12pm – 4pm and must be completed by 6pm. All stalls need to be set up in their full entirety and ready to trade at 9am on Friday and Saturday.
  • Set up on Friday and Saturday morning will start from 7am. Please note that the Trail Run will start from 7:15 on the Saturday of the Redberry Farm Market so there will be some traffic congestion coming into the parking area around that time.
  • When driving into the stall area, please drop off the goods you need for set up and please immediately move your vehicle into the parking area across the road to avoid congestion during set up. All vehicles must be out of the stalls area by 8:15.
  • Stall inspection will take place from 8:30 on Friday and Saturday.
  • Pack up may only commence from 4pm on Friday and 4pm on Saturday. Vehicles may only come into the stall area once the market organisers say it is safe to do so. If vehicles enter the stall area beforehand will forfeit the R500 deposit.
  • There will be security for Thursday and Friday evening to look after the stalls area, if you feel comfortable leaving your products packed away overnight in your stall space, you are welcome to do so at your own risk.

There will be an inspection to ensure compliance, and any stalls that do not adhere to these times will forfeit their entire deposit.