Pick Your Own Strawberries

At Redberry Farm, the Garden Route’s favourite family destination, you can pick your own strawberries at their freshest and juiciest, straight from the field.

Choose a container size at the Farm Stall and head off to the strawberry picking fields where the real fun begins. A variety of strawberries are grown at Redberry Farm, each with their own unique size and flavour.

Activity Information


Take your time and carefully inspect each berry, aiming to pick only the ripest and healthiest strawberries.


You must be able to walk along narrow rows where the ground is uneven.


Make sure to dress comfortably. If it has been raining, gumboots are a good idea.

Age Category

The whole family is welcome! Younger children will need plenty of supervision.


Small container:
R25 per person

Large container:
R40 per person

Containers can be purchased at the Farm Stall and every person entering the fields must have their own container.

Pick strawberries like a pro

  • Bend down and look through the plants, moving the leaves away to search for the best berries.
  • Select a berry that is bright red and does not have a white shoulder.
  • Inspect the berry to make sure it is healthy with no marks.
  • Break the strawberry off just above calyx by holding the stalk between your thumb and index finger and use a snapping motion to break off the strawberry stalk.
  • Fill your container with sweet red strawberries and then exit the field. Enjoy!

Please Note

  • Every person entering the fields must have their own container, which can be purchased at the Farm Stall.
  • For hygiene reasons, no eating is allowed in the fields. Once your container is full and you have exited the field, the eating can begin.
  • Picking is available from Monday to Saturday.
  • Strawberry picking is weather dependent.