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Keep up to date with new, exciting stories and ventures happening at Redberry Farm.  You will be entertained with mouthwatering strawberry recipes, some insight to the  intriguing world of strawberry farming and heartwarming stories of memorable moments created on the farm.

13th May 2022

The success story of Thembi

Mark Miller the owner of Redberry Farm uplifts his workforce and invests in them to better their circumstances. A wonderful success story unraveled on the farm over the past few years. 

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12th Apr 2022

Golden Kiwi Muffins

We love the newly harvested Golden Kiwi’s and have unique ways to incorporate this golden fruit into our baking!

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5th Apr 2022

Golden Kiwi’s at Redberry Farm

At Redberry Farm the second Golden Kiwi Harvest is well under way!

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10th Mar 2022

15 Things to do at Redberry farm

Visit Redberry Farm for these 15 unique experiences.

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1st Mar 2022

Strawberry Yoghurt Toast

This velvety smooth yoghurt on top of crispy toasted bread – topped with fresh strawberries drizzled with honey and a dash of cinnamon is what dreamy Sunday mornings are for.  

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