Golden Kiwis

At Redberry Farm the second Golden Kiwi Harvest is well under way! This juicy fruit is sweet with a heart of gold and the perfect addition to a fresh salad, any fruit salad or smoothie.  

Differences between Golden & Green Kiwi’s

A few questions have arisen from the Golden Kiwi’s at Redberry Farm and we are here to give you all the answers. 

Green Kiwi

Green Kiwi

Brown with dark green hue on the outside
Oval shaped
More seeds
Furry skin 
Green Flesh 
Tangy-sweet taste 

Golden Kiwi

Golden Kiwi

Gold brown in colour on the outside  
Rounder shaped
Less Seeds
Smooth Skin 
Golden flesh 
Sweet tropical taste 

Golden Kiwi Nutritional Value

Kiwi’s are amongst the most nutrient dense fruit available on the market. Both varieties of fruit contain folate, vitamin E, fiber, more vitamin C than any other fruit and a low glycaemic index.  Golden kiwi does contain a slightly higher vitamin C content and about thirty percent more folate, although green kiwis have a higher percentage of dietary fiber and are lower in sugar. Both varieties of this tropical fruit pack a nutritious punch and are a healthy, tasty addition to any menu. 

Taste the difference yourself and let us know your experience in the comment section.  

Golden Kiwi Health Benefits

  • Golden Kiwis contains more Vitamin C than an Orange.  
  • Promote hair, nail and skin health.  
  • High amounts of antioxidants  
  • Will support healthy weight loss – only contain 90 calories per fruit.  
  • Takes care of your digestive system.  
  • Promotes a healthy heart. 

Why Golden Kiwi’s

Redberry Farm planted 5.5 hectares of Golden Kiwi plants in 2018 – to diversify the farm and its offerings. Golden Kiwi’s are a perennial crop whereas strawberries are an annual crop, this also means that Golden Kiwi’s is less labour intensive. The Kiwi crop also fits in with our annual picking season where higher volumes of strawberries are being picked between August and November and Golden Kiwi’s are only harvested once a year in April. The new varieties of Golden Kiwi’s made it possible for Redberry Farm to plant in the Garden Route as the area has a temperate climate to accommodate the fruit. We look forward to seeing what this crop holds for the future.  

Let us know if you have more Golden Kiwi questions in the comments below.