The Giant Strawberry at Redberry Farm was built with the idea of being a new tourist attraction and iconic landmark in George. The goal is to promote the Garden Route region to local and international tourists as one of the leading strawberry growing regions in South Africa. 

A unique Experience

Standing outside this uniquely shaped structure will give you a unique perspective on why Redberry Farm built a Giant Strawberry.

You will see families taking pictures, someone reading the interesting facts on the board and a couple eager to climb to the top and discover the secrets inside the Giant Strawberry. It is a different, big and unique experience for visitors to create memorable memories.

You will also see the detail, every seed is handcrafted from a fiberglass molds, every leaf has been strategically placed and veins molded on the underside to give it a realistic touch. The red pantone was selected with care. Every steel piece bent with caution to form this architectural work of art to fit perfectly like a puzzle piece.  

An impressive Structure

The Giant Strawberry is standing tall at an astonishing 14.5m and is 8.5m wide.  A spiral staircase leads to the top of the Giant Strawberry. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the Outeniqua Mountains, strawberry fields and farm surrounds.

This is the perfect opportunity to take fun and picturesque photos whilst standing on the world’s largest Strawberry structure 

The Inspiration

Mark Miller – founder and co-owner of Redberry Farm saw the need for a new activity to be added to the farm “it needed to be different and one of a kind”.

During this time Mark and his wife Janelle visited the most Southern point of Africa on a very cold and rainy weekend. They were amazed that tourists were queuing up to have photos taken of the most southern point in Africa in miserable conditions. The lighthouse was also a great attraction.

This encounter convinced Mark that A Giant Strawberry could be a success and he embarked on the journey to make it happen. 

Trading Hours

Visit the Giant Strawberry with friends and family. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Tickets can be purchased at the Redberry Farm stall for only R50 per person!  

The Giant Strawberry is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 4pm. Please note: Redberry Farm is closed on Sundays.