The Giant Strawberry Opening

Redberry Farm has ventured into the construction of the Giant Strawberry which is set to break a world record as the “world’s largest strawberry structure”. The Giant Strawberry is standing tall at 14.5m and 8.5m wide.  Visitors will be able to climb to the top of the Giant Strawberry with a spiral staircase inside. You can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the Outeniqua Mountains, strawberry fields and farms surrounds. Perfect opportunity to take fun and picturesque photos whilst standing on the world’s largest Strawberry structure. This new tourist attraction will become a landmark in George and will promote the area as one of the leading strawberry growing regions in South Africa.  

How it started

Mark Miller – founder and co-owner of Redberry Farm saw the need for a new activity to be added to the farm “it needed to be different and one of a kind”. During this time Mark and his wife Janelle visited the most Southern point of Africa on a very cold and rainy weekend. They were amazed that tourists were queuing up to have photos taken of the most southern point in Africa in miserable conditions. The lighthouse was also a great attraction. This encounter convinced Mark that A Giant Strawberry could be a success and he embarked on the journey to make it happen. 

Activity Details

Visit the Giant Strawberry with friends and family. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Tickets can be purchased at the Redberry Farm stall for only R50 per person!  

The building Process

Since October 2020 numerous meetings with steel and fiberglass manufacturers, architects and engineers have been attended. Covid also had an impact on this project as it was responsible for unfortunate delays, price increases and a steel shortage. 26 January 2022 the first pieces of the Giant Strawberry arrived at Redberry Farm and the assembling started shortly after. 14 April 2022 the Giant Strawberry structure was standing as it is today. In this time Redberry Farm attended to the flooring, lighting and interior of the Giant strawberry. The official opening date is 21 June 2022.