History of Redberry Farm

The land that Redberry Farm is built upon has a rich history.  Redberry Farm was established in 2001 by Dave Cruse and Mark Miller who purchased the land from a dairy farm.  An old mushroom pack house was purchased and converted to process strawberries.  The Redberry farm stall was launched inside the original dairy building while our existing tea garden kitchen used to be the dairy and the area where the coffee bar is located used to be a holding pen for cows.  The party lapa was the carving pen for the cows giving birth.

The accommodation cottage is over 120 years old and was built by C.J. Langenhoven’s family, who originally lived in it.  Additions have been made to extend and modernise the building, but the original structure is still intact, with the thick walls and the Fisherman’s cottage shape.  There used to be a wood oven built into the wall in the lounge area, where a white cupboard now stands. A number of the Langenhoven family graves have been preserved on the premises.

All of the trees were planted and the garden was landscaped transforming the Kikuyu pastures into beautiful lawns and gardens.

Slowly more land was acquired, the strawberry fields were extended and every few years upgrades to the farm stall and coffee bar buildings were made.

Rows and rows of strawberries now cover the land, and smaller pockets have recently been repurposed for growing raspberries and blackberries. The tourism staff team has grown from 3 people in early 2002 to 24 permanent staff excluding seasonal and casual workers.

Heritage Year Timeline

2000 An initial portion of land was purchased by Mark Miller and Dave Cruse from the Breytenbach family who were dairy farmers, and Redberry Farm was formed.
2002 The tea garden, shop and strawberry picking was opened from 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
2003 Another portion of land was purchased from the van Blerk family who used it for private pastures and crops. Wooden play equipment was added and Fiona de Villiers took over the farm stall, pioneering the growth for years to come.
2004 The initial farm stall building was expanded and upgraded.
2006 Pony rides were added as a children’s activity.
2008 The hedge maze was planted, covering one hectare of ground. Another portion of land was purchased from Denny Mushrooms.
2010 The Redberry Express mini train as well as the bubble ball was introduced as additional activities.
2012 The hedge maze was officially opened after growing into the largest permanent hedge maze in the Southern Hemisphere.
2013 Another portion of private land was acquired from Robert Young. The first raspberry and blackberry experimental trial block was planted.
2014 The highest strawberry tonnage was achieved with 403 tons excluding pulp used for jam and second grade cuts. Upgrades were made to the kitchen, farm stall and coffee bar.
2015 Permanent structures housing 30 stalls were erected for the Strawberry Festival. Paddle Boats were added as a new attraction.
2016 Pedal go carts added as new family activity. Farm landscape enlarged with landscaped grounds and water feature added.

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